Chung Mei Buddhist Temple


Chung Mei Temple, as part of the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Society, was built in 2001 in Stafford, Texas to promote Buddhism through cultural exchange and to serve the community of greater Houston.

Temple Tour Application

Welcome to Chung Mei Buddhist Temple. We offer guided tours to schools, religious organizations, corporate sponsored events as well as other groups. Starting in 2022, free guided tours are available, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Tuesday through Friday and run 45 to 60 minutes.

For a group tour (must include 10 or more people), please make your reservation at least 2 weeks in advance. Group tours includes an overview of Chung Mei Buddhist Temple / Humanistic Buddhism, a short film, “Biography of the Buddha”, plus a tour of the facilities.

For individual or family walk-in tours, you may ask at the front desk for a tour.

Currently, due to COVID-19, face masks are required.

To request your temple tour, please fill-in the form below and click on the Submit button (at the bottom of the form) to send your request to us.

總人數(包括工作人員) Total number of visitors (including staff)
請於參訪日三天前確認用餐人數 (疫情關係停止供應) (每人$15) Please confirm the exact number of people requiring lunch [UNAVAILABLE until further notice] 3 days before the tour date as the final charge ($15 per person) will be based on that number. A la carte orders [UNAVAILABLE until further notice] are also available according to menu prices.

Tour Rules

  1. No soliciting
  2. No smoking/vaping/alcohol/drugs
  3. No drones/bicycles/skateboards/skates
  4. No pets; Service animals are allowed.
  5. No indoor photography/video
    • Unless given permission, no commercial/private photography/video
  6. No noise/music, tailgate parties
  7. No overnight parking
  8. Dress code: no sleeveless shirts, singlets, slippers
  9. We have the right to terminate the tour if anyone breaches any rule