Main Shrine

Regular weekly and monthly chanting ceremonies are held in the main shrine of the temple. The formal name of the main shrine is call “The Precious Hall of the Great Hero”. It is dedicated to the founding master of Buddhism, Sakyamuni Buddha, Who possesses the heroic quality of unsurpassed wisdom, virtue, compassion, and the power to subdue evils, thus saving all sentient beings from ignorance and afflictions.


Visitors and practitioners alike are welcome to read and enjoy a quiet moment at our library. More than a thousand books are available including Buddhist Canons, Sutras, Encyclopedia, Arts and history books for those who wish to expand their knowledge of Buddhism. Various best sellers are being translated into English, Spanish,French, Vietnamese, Korean and dozen other languages to spread the wisdom equally around the world.
“By developing a habit of reading, we can change our temperament, improve self-image, with better self-reflection, and expand our knowledge and lifestyles.” Venerable Master Hsing Yun wrote that,”I always share and discuss an inspiring article with visitors and disciples, that usually lead to solving of their worries and generating happiness.”


Various classes are taking place at the Chung Mei Temple’s classrooms including Tai-Chi, Children’s class, singing, art, choir, Buddhist instruments practices and so on. The classrooms are also used to host events like Dharma talk, conference, meeting, cultural exchange, tour etc.

Exhibition Hall

The Temple houses a museum of international, historic, cultural, and artistic exhibitions. Visitors are welcome to visit the museum during normal business hours. The exhibitions are rotated throughout all the international Temples several times during the year. Special events like photography shows, art and painting galleries and so on will also take place in the avenue from time to time.

Chan Garden

It is our hope to offer modern people a garden in which to rest, one that is both religious in spirit and yet possesses a natural, scenic beauty. Each statue of the eighteen Arhats and the Bodhisattvas can provide lessons for people who wish to gain understanding of Dharma and the practice of the Bhddha’s disciples

Gift Shop

The gift shop is a place where visitors can bring home their peaceful memories from the Temple. There are books, musics and videos about Buddhism, its history and culture, for those who wish to attain more knowledge about Buddhism. The gift shop also carries unique, one-of-a-kind items such as malas and prayer beads that are blessed by the monks and nuns at Fo Guang Shan. Exquisite statues and carvings of the Buddha and Bodhisattvas are available for those who wish to enrich their lives with further spiritual practices.

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