Amitabha Buddha Dharma Service

Fo Guang Shan founder Master Hsing Yun states that the phrase of “Amitabha Buddha” represents immense merits, virtues and brightness which can accomplish all the wonderful things. Master Hsing Yun also states “There are no terms in the world like “Amitabha Buddha”, which is widely used and full of merits and virtues. The term of “Amitabha Buddha” can resolve all of being good, bad, joyful, angry, sorrow and happy.” Chung Mei Buddhist Temple will conduct Amitabha Buddha Service at 10:30 AM on December 17 (Sunday) at Columbarium to commemorate the prayer due to the birthday anniversary of Amitabha Buddha. The merits will contribute to everyone’s joy, family harmony, mutual respect, community unity and world peace. In addition, merits will be transferred to those relatives who have departed.

  • 1. Service Date: December 17, 2017 (Sunday)
    • First Incense: 10:30AM Sutra Chanting
    • Second Incense: 11:30AM Offering Ceremony
    • Third Incense: 1:30PM Sutra Chanting
    • Fourth Incense: 2:30PM Sutra Chanting
  • 2. Merit/ Offering
    • I. Memorial tablet
      • IA. Liberation for the ancestors and/or the deceased relatives
      • IB. Redemption to the creditors of many kalpas
    • II. Special Offering
    • III. Food, flower, fruit, longevity rice peach offering
  • 3. Contact Information
    • Address: 12550 Jebbia Lane, Stafford, TX 77477
    • Tel: 281-495-3100
    • Fax: 281-495-6622

Download: Amitabha Buddha Dharma Service Form