2017 Filial Piety Memorial Dharma Service

In the month of Ullambana also known as the month of joy and merit, Chung Mei Temple honors the Buddha’s doctrine of advocating filial piety and holds an assembly to commemorate the ancestors on Sunday, July 2nd at the main shrine. We will chant “Eighty-Eight Buddha-Name Treasure Repentance” to pay homage to all Buddha. With the inconceivable merits from this Dharma service and the practices of “Three Acts of Goodness” not only can one enhance their own good fortune, one can dedicate the merits toward blessing their ancestors as well. We sincerely invite you and your family to join us in this special festival.

  • Service Date/time: Sunday, July 2 2017 10:00a.m.-12:30 p.m.
  • Service including:
    • (1) Liberation for the ancestors and/or the deceased relatives
    • (2) Redemption to the creditors of many kalpas
    • (3) Offering of flowers, fruits, and meals
  • Contact:
    • 12550 Jebbia Lane, Stafford, TX 77477
    • Tel: (281)495-3100
    • Fax: (281)495-6622

Download: 2017 Filial Piety Month Eighty-Eight Buddha Dharma Service Registration Form